- Non-glitter border, a bit different from the original Lights Up Glitter Sticker

- Design is the same, glitter speckles are different

(NEW) Lights Up Glitter Sticker

SKU: 100
  • - Measures to about 1in in length

Emma <3


Above and beyond! The whole shipping process was so quick! The packaging was so so cute, and i can see all the effort that Kaile puts into her shop! <3



LITERALLY!! the CUTEST!! baby tee. i feel like edward when i step out in this sexy bc i’m glistening in the sun omg i love love love x1000



I absolutely love this! Cute design <3

Anthea Dill


this shop is the best! the packaging is so so adorable, and the shipping was fast! i'm obsessed and will definitely purchase from here again <3