Fourth from the top, The Lauren II has the sleekest shine that makes it easy to make any outfit pop. The Lauren II is the staple that everybody needs in their wardrobe. It exhibits love, laughter, and smiles, as well as kindness and the idea of being able to be completely yourself. The Lauren II is definitely one of my favorites, and always reminds me of angels resting in the clouds, glitter (of course), and most importantly, a daydream in paradise.

The Lauren Scrunchie


    Emma <3


    Above and beyond! The whole shipping process was so quick! The packaging was so so cute, and i can see all the effort that Kaile puts into her shop! <3



    LITERALLY!! the CUTEST!! baby tee. i feel like edward when i step out in this sexy bc i’m glistening in the sun omg i love love love x1000



    I absolutely love this! Cute design <3

    Anthea Dill


    this shop is the best! the packaging is so so adorable, and the shipping was fast! i'm obsessed and will definitely purchase from here again <3