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Welcome to our dreamworld, a place where our ideas sprout from our love and interest of music, friendship, and love.

In 2018, Lovers in Lace began as a passion project to spread love and kindness throughout our world. Inspired by music and things we're passionate about, our team often comes up with ideas through sharing personal experiences and moments that are meaningful to us.

Since then, finding creative outlets for ourselves has been the main reason behind why Lovers in Lace is what it is today. Of course, we wouldn't be able to be where we are without the support we receive from all of you and Mr. Styles himself, but creativity has always driven us to help us find ourselves and the things we love to do.

Styles has brought us together and helped us find a community we can always rely on, and we are so excited to welcome you all into the LiL family with us. We hope your packages make you feel l loved, seen, and heard, and we're not only here to spread love, but to tell you that you are important, we love you, and that we care.

Life is all about moments, and starting this business has brought us the most incredible memories we could ever have. We are so lucky to have such a powerful LiL family and we seriously cannot thank you enough for helping our dreams come true.

founder & designer

Kaile Morgan

Hi lovers! So nice to finally meet you! I'm a 21 year old full-time student born and raised in San Francisco, CA. I started LiL with an intention to spread love to whatever comes my way, and I really hope my passion project makes you feel as loved as possible.

I wouldn't be able to do any of this without the people around me, and for that I'm forever grateful to have the support of my friends and family with me along the way!

Lastly, to the person who inspired me to start this business in the first place, Harry, you are the epitome of a rolemodel and I'm so grateful for the community you have brought me. Seriously, I am so grateful to hold such incredible memories with my newfound best friends.

Let's be BFF's!

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SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER & Customer service

Liz Gonzalez

Hi I’m Liz!

I joined the Lovers in lace team in the beginning of January. It’s so special getting to create and share ideas with the best team in the world. LiL has allowed me to stay in tune with the creative side of things, from running socials, to planning photoshoots and combining our ideas for the next perfect baby tee. Its challenged me in the best ways, and I’m so thankful! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Let's be BFF's!

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SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER & Customer service

Grace Garrou

Hi besties! I'm Grace, a 21 year old from chicago, living & going to school in la.

I'm so excited to be a part of team LiL! I've always been a creative person & love to look for new ways to challenge myself. LiL has meant so much to me as a customer & friend but i'm so ready to be on the other side of it to help create special memories for others <3

Harry has been the source of my inspiration for as long as i can remember. I've learned so much from being a fan & living in a fangirl world! I've met my best friends through music. Connection & community are so important and I hope you feel a part of this family every time you see the products or a cute post come across your feed!!!

Let's be BFF's!

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Izzy Petraglia

Hi! I'm Izzy

Let's be BFFs!

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