Frequently asked questions

Can I return an item?

At the moment, hee at LiL we do not accept returns. However, if there is a problem with your order, feel free to contact us on ig @loversinlace or via email contactloversinlace@gmail.com

When will crewnecks be restocked?

Crewnecks don't have a "restock date" as everything is made from my home here in San Francisco, CA. If I do restock, make sure to join our mailing list or follow us on Ig @loversinlace for restock updates or sales!

Why do scrunchies take so long to ship?

Scrunchies are hand-sewn and made to order. Usually once I get orders, I'll begin the process of sewing and making them. Please allow 5-7 days for your order to be made.

Are the stickers waterproof?

From my experience, I have noticed that the matte stickers are waterproof/resistant but they fall apart through wear and tear (especially if you put them on your phone case). I suggest putting your matte stickers inside your phone case if it's clear. The shiny vinyl stickers are waterproof/resistant and will not fall apart as easily (none of mine have broken yet!)

How can I contact you?

I check my emails and Instagram DMs pretty often! DM or email me @ contactloversinlace@gmail.com or @loversinlace on Instagram! If I don't respond, comment on one of my pics on Insta & I'll get back to you as quick as I can :)

Why didn't I get a shipping confirmation/tracking number for my sticker order?

All sticker orders are shipped with a stamp (international and U.S.), therefore you will not receive a tracking number for your stickers. However, if it has been over a month since I have shipped your order out (email me and I can let you know), I will happily chat with you about what we can do :) Most international orders take up to a month (30 days) and most domestic (U.S.) orders are delivered within a week or two depending on USPS and their volume of packages.